When pixar does the thing that makes you question if you are actually watching a children’s movie.

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  #this fucker says maybe 5 or 6 lines the whole film and yet everyone is thirsty as Heck for him  #no wonder HYDRA keeps him in the freezer  #’cause when they let him out he burns down entire cities with the force of his Sad Trash Hobo gaze

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happy easter everyone ive had this joke in my queue since january

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me: I'm pretty sure I would marry every single Avenger.
obnoxious friend: Black Widow is an Avenger.
me: Did I fucking stutter?
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those nerds in high school who run like this


in my middle school there was a boy who wanted to be called Sasuke Uchiha and he wore a Sasuke cosplay to school everyday and one day he did this run down the stairs and broke his arm and apparently he told the principle it was the ‘Naruto run’ and then we were all banned from wearing Naruto headbands and doing this run and Naruto was put down as gang activity at our school

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*cha cha’s real smooth away from academic responsibilities*

*Charlie Browns towards closest internet source*

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sometimes I feel guilty for skipping songs on my phone like I’m sorry song I love you I’m just not in the mood for you I’ll come back later though.

And then you never play them ever again

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True sibling protection

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My internet was down for 5 minutes so i went downstairs and spoke to my family

They seem like nice people

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How long has Beckett been secretly investigating her mom’s death? I wonder if Castle knows that she’s been doing this. (x)

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High-five for open minded people

this is cute and also observe: sometimes people aren’t being deliberately close-minded and douchey about issues like sexuality etc. ok sometimes they just need somebody to patiently and politely explain things to them


Dear Social Justice Bloggers

omg who is this gurl

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I will FOREVER love how this show makes fun of its self. So clever!

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